What we are about
'To test real life battle tactics and strategy with MTW we must go to the Online Community and see how human beings react under different circumstances. To test the game itself for realism and compared the behavior of different unit types with the real life counterpart will be essential for the grow of future TW games.I deeply believe that in the near future game developers will be able to make a totally real life-like battle simulator which will be behave like real human beings. What we see today in TW is just the first step to that direction.'

King Stephen of the OOO ( our founder)



Hello and welcome to our order. Our aims are to build up a small community who will meet online, when their time allow, and test out prearranged strategies and tactics.
Put simply - to play together. The goal is not to compete with the hard-core MP players but to see huge number of troops working together as one against other numbers of troops, and to check the usefulness of each strategy. We will also see if these would work in real life